Valley Girl!
Like fer shur!

amberwaves80: "Omg! A tumblr dedicated to Valley Girl!? This makes me so happy!"

Totally, like fer shur! Thanks!

Anonymous: "Please stay! I love your blog and it breaks my heart when you disappear!"

Awww I’m sorry! I get so busy with life that I completely forget about this little account.
I hope to stay around more! But this makes me feel so good! I hope you enjoy this VAL GAL blog! <3


Valley Girl - Roadshow Home Video Australian VHS release
It’s on my watch pile, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Love the Glossary on the back, because if someone said “kiss my tuna” to me, i’d be very confused. Bring back the haircut, Nic.

So I think I’ve met my Randy. Oh my gawd.